Student Council Offers Opportunities

Abby Felps
The Big Stick Newspaper

Roosevelt High School’s Student Council is a source of help for many people around campus and the community according to its members. When there is a need for students to step up and help others in need, these students are eager to make a positive difference. It is also a place to make friends that will stay with you throughout your high school experience.
Student Council Executive Board Secretary Sharlene Castro is excited about the direction her organization is taking and about how positively involved everyone who serves as a member has become.
“I’m in student council because it has a friendly environment and is well-organized. It helps the school and community (a great deal),” Castro said.
Other than helping with community service hours, which according to most people on campus are needed, Student Council members are prime targets for college recruiters looking for the next generation of scholars to excel academically at universities.
“I like being in student council (for many reasons) including the fact that it looks good on college applications,” Rebekah Williams, junior, said.
Student Council plans many school functions such as Homecoming, Prom, CARE week, Relay For Life, as well as Valentine’s Day festivities and fundraisers. Even with all those activities, members of the Student Council openly admit they would like to contribute more to their community.
Student Council sponsor Wendi Potts has been active with the organization for several years and enjoys the challenges each new day brings. Potts is open to any suggestions for future activities her group of students may have.
“I want to do more, but it is just up to what the students (around campus) want to do,” Potts said.
Along with showing school spirit, Student Council gets students involved in various activities in the surrounding areas.
“I sponsor student council because it gets students involved and shows them, and the rest of the school, (something we strongly believe in) school pride,” Potts said.
Any students interested in joining Student Council should make the trek to RoughRider Building Room 329 and fill out a registration form to become a member.
“I would love to have more people sign up,” Potts said.
Members know the value of joining a worthwhile organization like Student Council and are not shy about boasting of its benefits.
“Student Council helps make the community a different place, a place people will enjoy,” Williams said.

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