Mosque or Not Near Ground Zero?
Paloma Novoa
The Big Stick Newspaper
Many members of our country have been patiently waiting on the answer to if the Islamic mosque will be built in New York City two blocks away from ground zero (the former site of the World Trade Center which collapsed from attack on Sept. 11 2001).
There are many opinions on whether this place of worship should be built.
The proposed mosque and adjoining building itself would consist of a 15-foot community center, swimming pool, art center, gym and some other public places as well. The two leading advocates of this project are the Cordoba Initiative and the American Society for Muslim Advancement. These two groups have joined forces to bring this new vision into place.
People that agree with the construction efforts think that they have the right for it to be built based on our given rights contained in our U.S. Constitution citing the First Amendment’s freedom of religion.
“I think that really they (Muslims) have the rights (given) by the constitution to be there, I think that people are just making a (larg) fuss of it,” Clark Lockard, sophomore, said.
The decision to build has not been released as of the press time of this editorial. Even though there are no signs of a green light to go ahead with the plans, this brings the friends and families of the victims of the Sept. 11 attack on full alert, according to some skeptics of the project. 
There are many mixed feelings that have surfaced on if this project would be a good idea due to the sensitive nature of the location.
“I think that the idea of what people want would depend on their point of view,” Nate Sellers, sophomore, said.
Some people have choose to focus on the potentially good effects this place of worship could have while remaining respectful to the painful memories of the Sept. 11 attacks.  Building organizers hope the Mosque and community center will bring a positive impact to the Islamic community and can be a place to bring people of different faiths together peacefully.

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