Roosevelt Falls Just Short of a Playoff Sealing Victory

Jakouri Grant, senior, gets ready to run out for a pass against the Churchill corner. Photo by Kristine Williams

As the playoffs draw near, the last few games of district play are playoff games as Coach Neal Lahue says, “Every week from here on out is a playoff atmosphere type of game, and we need to approach it week in and week out with that type of mind set.”

The Riders and Chargers were in an uphill battle all night with the game being decided by 3 points in the Chargers’ favor. It was a well fought game but the Riders fell just short of a victory on a last second field goal attempt.

Delvage McIntrye had an outstanding night and a best game performance of the season with 7 catches for 201 yards with an average of 28.7 yards per catch. Also, Sean Alonzo had a pretty good night despite twisting both ankles. He racked up 234 passing yards. He was 11-18 out of completions and he even caught a pass that went for 57 yards.

Despite the loss, the Riders play the Reagan Rattlers for the last 26-5A playoff spot this week on Saturday Nov. 6, 2010 at 3:00 p.m at Heroes Stadium. This is how the playoff scenario looks, MacArthur and Madison play for the district title game this Friday at Heroes Stadium. Both will advance to the playoffs but if Roosevelt beats Reagan and Madison beats MacArthur , Roosevelt will go division 1 with Madison as the number 1 seed Roosevelt the number 2 seed and MacArthur will go division 2 as the number 1 seed and Churchill number 2 seed.

But if Mac Arthur beats Madison and Reagan beats Roosevelt , Reagan and Churchill go division 1 Reagan the 1 seed Churchill the 2 seed, Mac Arthur and Madison go division 2 Mac Arthur the number 1 seed and winning district 26-5A and Madison number 2 seed.

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