Power Balance Bracelet Draws Criticism From Teens

Nikki Willrich
TBS Contributing Writer

The Power Balance bracelet is committed to bringing performance and innovation to every athlete in the world from professional to recreational. But is it worth the money, these athletes are paying for it?
“It’s all in your mind, it doesn’t improve balance and it makes you think it can,” Lauren Macias, senior, said.
The thin polyester film hologram is programmed through a proprietary process which is designed to mimic eastern philosophy that has been around since the beginning of recorded time.
“What’s the point of them? I really don’t see it. They’re just like a regular wristband,” Lorena Cisneros, junior, said.
The company that created the Power Balance bracelet claims that the founders wanted everyone, no matter what their level of activity, to maximize their potential and live life to the fullest.
“I like them. They seem legit. I’m gonna continue to wear mine,” Jose Escobedo, junior, said.
The holograms are designed to last indefinitely and they seem to be very popular among teens. Despite their skeptics, these bracelets are probably not going to go away anytime soon.

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