Travel, family top Rider bucket lists

By Kayla Rudd |

Time and life go on and on together as one. At some point through death of loved ones or our own health problems, we think of mortality. We all think of what we would like to do before we die.

Here are some items on Rough Rider bucket lists.

“I want to live a fulfilled life with all of my friends and family before I die,” said senior Aaron Flores.

Some of the things we all hear the most is wanting to go see our favorite place in the world or somewhere we’ve been wanting to go, do something crazy like skydiving, cliff diving, or just going out with the family on a nice picnic or maybe even camping on the mountains.

“I have actually thought about death by thinking what is there on there side if anything and if I will see my loved ones,” said English teacher Kathleen Roark.

Travel to other continents like Europe are part of several Riders' bucket lists. Courtesy photo.

Travel to other continents like Europe are part of several Riders’ bucket lists. Courtesy photo.

Many people think of spending time with loved ones.

“I would go back to Peter Piper Pizza,because  I love their pizza and just being able to be with friends and family,” said junior Rudy De la Cruz.

Others would like to travel to other countries or continents.

“I would love to go to Spain because that is where my mother’s side of the family is from and I want to see what their lifestyles and cultures are like,” said sophomore Lauren Violet Ashelin.

Regardless of individual goals, Rough Riders agree to cherish friends and family and live a life by design.