DATA Honors Students Displaying Core Values


Kirsten Nasis stands next to Science teacher Anna Pape getting her reward.

By Kayla Rudd |

On March 22 all the DATA teachers, students, and parents gathered to celebrate those who exhibited the core values the third nine weeks.

“Every nine weeks the teachers recognize students for each core value. They are skills they’ll need to be successful in school and life,” Russ Claughton, DATA Director, said.

There are four core values and each of them mean something different. Perseverance is the quality that allows someone to continue trying to do something even though it is difficult. Integrity is an uncompromising, consistent commitment; to honor moral and ethical values. Commitment- is dedicating yourself to something. Kindness is doing what was “good” or “right.”

Each student has the chance to earn each core value each nine weeks and get them more than once. By the time you’re a senior in DATA you should’ve earned all four core values.

“Yes I knew I was getting an award and I got the Kindness award,” Kirsten Nasis said.