Agosto makes difference on, off field

| November 26, 2016

By Ana Calderón |

Luz Agosto began playing softball at a very young age in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico. At only six years old, she began playing in an all boys baseball team which she played for nine years. To her it was a unique experience, to be out on the field competing with boys, which not everyday does a girl get the chance to play a man’s sport.”I got shy at times because I was the only girl,”Agosto said.

Agosto poses in her softball shirt.

Agosto poses in her softball shirt.

They all respected her and took great care of her, and she played with them until she moved to Texas. She has been on the varsity softball team since freshman year.This year she is a sophomore. She plays both shortstop and catcher.

Agosto has a very busy life, she practices during school Monday,Wednesday, Friday and she also practices on Sundays with Texas Pride; an outside team who she also plays for, and she also has another additional team with adults only. Besides playing softball, she has other priorities school and a job which she attends to some days after school.

She still works on her English every day.

“The hardest part of adapting here was the English part,”Agosto said. “I learned by listening to other people’s conversations. I just blurt out words sometimes.”

Luz has improved on her English a lot thanks to her friends, teachers and teammates.

Growing accustomed to life in Texas is not always easy.

“I miss the food, the beach and the environment,”Agosto said.

Luz is now excited for this upcoming summer when she will be able to visit her home. In the meantime, she’s working day by day on her goals.

“Always move forward and don’t stop just because someone says no,” Agosto said.

Luz plans to teach younger girls everything she has learned in softball. Now Agosto is preparing for a bigger step as she plans to play in college as well; colleges are already interested in recruiting her.

“I always suggest the younger girls to go to varsity games to take a look at Luz when she plays,” Softball Coach, Christina Wollard said. Agosto sets an example for the younger softball members.


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