Sarah McLachlan – “Possession” reveals love and longing

| February 2, 2017

By Tori Pulliam |

Released in 1993, Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession” has shown many emotions and stories within its lyrics, but one story truly stands out. She tells a story of love, passion, and longing for an endless night, a story of fear for how the future may go, and how life would go on even after that night.

Its calming instrumental background melds simplistically and gorgeously with her voice, enhancing the emotion within the song immensely. This is song that could simply be seen as love to a child, sorrow to an adult, and beauty to both. Her sophisticated use of description of the her endless night has given inspiration to many, and clarity to others. McLachlan has shown all these in such a beautiful manner than there could be many more stories told for the song itself.

The price for this song on both Amazon and Google Play Store can have a simple price of $1.29, while the whole album has a small price of $9.99.


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