One to Try: Gallant Ology

| February 6, 2017

By Randy Castillo |

An upcoming artist with so much potential, amazing, powerful and relatable lyrics, Gallant’s second album “Ology” gives us a brighter look at what R&B has in store for us.

Christopher Gallant started his music career in Los Angeles California in 2013 when he self-released his first debut EP “Zebra,” which in turn led him to be found by the founder of “Mind of a Genius Records,” David Dann. Gallant’s single “Weight in Gold” was aired in June 2015, the same year he went on tour with Sufjan Stevens across North America, and performed 18 shows across the country. Gallant also performed live on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and sang “Weight in Gold” with a standing ovation at the end and Jimmy Fallon praising him!


Last year, Gallant released his second album “Ology” produced by STiNT, Patrizio Moi, Ebrahim Lakhani, Yannick Häzel Beaucaine, Math Time Joy, and Adrian Younge, under the labels Mind of a Genius Records and Warner Bros.

Ology has been well received by the community and Gallant’s fans, the album was rated ⅘ by The Guardian, which also stated “If this is what R&B’s future looks like, it’s brighter than ever.” Gallant’s combination of lyricism, vocals, and choice of instruments is worth the hour to listen to. It’s worth mentioning that in Gallant’s music, he incorporates electronic instruments, that gives a whole new tempo to his music.
Ology is available in Best Buy for $11.99, Target for $11.19, Walmart for $12.02, iTunes for $9.99, and it is free to listen to on Spotify.

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