Cinderella fits just right with audience

| February 7, 2017


By Naomi Gutierrez and Mayra Gallegos|

We all know Cinderella, but the way these students played their roles made the story a million times better. Cinderella was a family-friendly act that was funny and loving. Believe it or not the students worked really hard to stay in character.

Opening informally Jan. 25, the musical ran Jan. 26-28. It took place three months to get ready for, from building the set to choreography. Students also practiced until eight after school to get their parts just right.

Preston Norris who played the prince in Cinderella putting the glass shoe on Ella played by Maia Smith. Photo by Jaylene Hernandez

“[Staying in character is] probably one of the hardest parts. In the song “me who am I” when I’m posing and looking out into the audience, It’s really hard not to smile because I’m supposed to be a serious knight.” Kevin Sierra said. “Really excited. Not really nervous, but I was really giddy, like when I was backstage I was smiling the whole time, it was great.” Backstage is as crazy as on stage.

Even though at some moments students made errors, they still continued to go on with the show and did their best at improve.

“[The third night] was my favorite play night because I was nervous and afraid, but it payed off. I wanted everything to be perfect but it wasn’t and that’s okay” senior Preston Norris, who played the prince, said.

The whole cast did an amazing job all three nights and the show was a must see. The last thing Thomas Shane a.k.a Lord Pingleton, the town crier has to say is “The shoe fits!”

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