Seven football players commit to colleges

| February 10, 2017

By Tori Pulliam and AJ Ballard |

One week ago, seven football players signed for their colleges of choice.

“I feel like I’m actually part of the program now that I’m locked in. I’m officially a college student now,” said senior Joshua Morgan.

These seven seniors: Leroy Giles, Morgan, Bryson Carroll, Abideen Bello, Xander Yarberough, Elijah Hunter, and Trey Foley are now officially college students and are locked into their colleges of choice on a scholarship.

Senior Joshua Morgan listens to Coach Christian talk about the importance of signing day. He committed to Texas A&M – Commerce. Photo by Allison Boerger

“I feel pretty good now that I’m a college student because I give my mom the opportunity so she doesn’t have┬áto pay for college anymore, ” senior Abideen Bello said.

These boys won’t just be playing football; they have dreams of their own and plan to accomplish them. For example, senior Bryson Carroll plans to major in education at the University of New Mexico.

These boys have been working hard since their freshman year, and now their work has finally paid off. They were honored in a ceremony in the auditorium.

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