Evanescence – “Lithium” holds truth about depression

By Tori Pulliam |

Released in 2006, Evanescence has gifted their audience with “Lithium.” A song of metaphorical yet literal lyrics and expressions, it speaks of the pending departure of depression, but yet its host does not wish to let go of it either. Those who suffer from depression know exactly how it feels to wish away the pain, but when given the chance, they’re hesitant. Depression acts as a security blanket, one created of memories and pain and yet it seemingly keeping one safe and warm. The song itself has been named after an anti-psychotic drug that also acts as an antidepressant, further giving meaning to the song’s story.

Those who find it rather difficult to eliminate the pain and sorrow, and do so with medicine are often worried about not being able to be themselves after taking the medicine. They are worried that they would change and not come back to who they used to be, even when happy. They are worried that they won’t feel safe within themselves ever again. But after all of that worry, some realize that they have to try to let go of the pain, that they have to continue their life.

If one wished to purchase this song, it can be found on Amazon and the Google Play Store for $1.29, while the whole album itself costs $9.49.