Rocketry club prepares for spring competition

| February 28, 2017

By Ana Calderon |

ETA students in the rocketry club are now preparing for competition.

(Left to Right) Enrique Eulloqui, Ricky Gonzales, Ethan Bracey, Lea Wilson, Ana Wilson

“We have two rocketry teams right now trying to compete for competition, we have team America and we have the NASA SLI team, both teams are trying to compete for time and height,” ETA teacher Christina Moreno, said.

Both Rocketry teams are currently test flying to make sure that they reach closest scores as possible before submitting qualifying flight. Both Rocketry teams go out to practice and test out their rockets at the Kitty Hawk field.

These students put a lot of work into their Rockets and also have to make sure of a lot things regarding their rockets.

“We have to take into consideration a lot of things; the speed of which the rocket is going at every given point, the height at what you want it to be, and if you can keep everything inside the rocket safe,” freshman Katie Hart said.

Some Rockets contain an egg inside of them, and the students’ goal is to make sure the egg comes back safely and unbroken.The different teams have different requirements. Team America which are smaller rockets, must go 850 feet caring and the egg has to come back safely. NASA on the other hand is going on a mile height.

Students who participate in the Rocketry club also get the opportunity to go out of state. This year one group will be going to Huntsville Alabama and another group will be going to Washington D.C.

“I am involved in this program because I want to do a career in this field, and so that kind of made me want to join it, it’s just a great experience, it’s a lot of fun too,” Hart said.




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