Apple Launches New Red Phone

| April 13, 2017

By Andrea Barrera |

Apple launched the new RED iPhone 7 and 7 plus on March 24. Word spread like wildfire ever since people found out that was going to be released. Being all over people’s social media, some people had even been saving up their money specifically to be able to buy it, the first red colored iPhone, but not the first RED item, since they have earlier launched cases, watch bands, and other accessories.

Apple is keen to contribute toward building an AIDS-free generation under it’s decade old partnership with RED, an organization that fights AIDS. Apple CEO Tim Cook in an interview by USA Today said “AIDS in the U.S. is a manageable disease, but elsewhere millions still die, which is why organizations like (RED) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are so important.”

Apple is the biggest single contributor to the global fund which supports HIV/AIDS programs. It has contributed $130 million out of the $465 million that the fund has raised.

There’s no doubt that the new RED iPhone looks and feels premium, but ultimately the purchase decision comes down to personal taste. You can get yours in stores or online with the iPhone 7 starting at $749 and the iPhone 7 plus at $869.










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