Students, teachers prepare for next round of STAAR

| May 1, 2017

By Lizbeth Cuellar |

Students across the state are back into testing rooms today for their Algebra I EOC.

Teachers and students are all preparing for STAAR next week.

Freshmen and sophomores are already experienced in this in March, when they both took their English end of course test. Juniors under went benchmark testing for their upcoming U.S. History exam, while seniors spent two days off campus at Palladium and Main Event.

“When I took the English STAAR, I wasn’t really nervous because I had been exposed to star standardized ┬átesting before,” freshman, Quenten Sheldon said. “I expected it to be slightly harder than last years but still easy enough to get a great score on.”

Freshmen are taking Algebra today, and Biology tomorrow, while juniors take U.S. History on Wednesday.

“This upcoming U.S. History exam will be difficult for me but I know I can do it, I have taken a Mock Exam and I will probably take another,” junior Luis Rangel said.

The test can be a source of stress, but students do what they can to prepare.

“I wasn’t really scared for the algebra test because I had studied a lot for it because I’m a nerd. For next year I’m really nervous for biology, hopefully I’ll get a good teacher and study well,” Sheldon said.

Data freshmen are required to take physics their first year of high school, and eighth graders have the opportunity to take the Algebra class in middle school, so the timing can end up different for different students.



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