Night of Truth II draws 600

| May 3, 2017

By Austin Cohea |

A Night of Truth Two took place on April 21.  The event was based around Tobe Nwigwe, and featured a motivational speaker and two dancers. The speaking was based on three words: environment, purpose, and squad. Tobe is a rapper, CEO, and a nonprofit

Tobe Nwigwe invites students of Roosevelt High School onto the stage.

organization organizer. The thing about Tobe is that he usually gets paid a lot of money to do the things that he does, but he came back to Roosevelt for next to nothing, believing it’s not about the money, it’s about the content and purpose.

“I started a non-profit organization seven years ago, just trying to make purpose with entertainment and education,” said Nwigwe. “I watched my brother’s ‘When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe’ video, and I was just crazy enough to call the number scrolling across the screen at the end of the video, and I told him about what I was doing, and long story short he came to Houston, and he came to one of my events and spoke, and saw what it is that I do… They found out that I had some musical talent, and started a record label so I could do music for the company.”

Lanell Taylor Grant, the motivational speaker featured at the event, is also an English teacher in Houston. “My favorite part about being a motivational speaker, would have to be seeing the change in the kids, seeing their faces light up, because that’s what you do it for, you do it to reach them,” Taylor Grant said.

The event was about three hours long, and there were about 600 members in attendance. Nwigwe even asked some students to come on to the stage and dance/rap.  When it came to the rapping, Nwigwe called the battle “The Bar Exam.”

The students and teachers at Roosevelt really seemed to love the show and enjoy Nwigwe’s music and overall it was a night to revel in.

“I enjoyed Tobe’s rapping skills because he took songs that had, like negative connotations to them and he turned them into something positive that we can all enjoy, like about education and school and stuff like that,” senior Jayce’Aira Lockhart said.


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