German class greets campus

| September 26, 2017

By Ana Calderon |

Last week German teacher Sara Gutierrez sent her students all around Roosevelt with the goal of greeting or saying goodbye to ten people. Students were to collect a signature and take a selfie with the person they greeted/said goodbye to.

Freshman Zach Shedd receives signatures from people he greeted. He got a selfie afterwards. Photo by Ana Calderon

German students went around school greeting and saying goodbye to people in German.”Hallo” to greet, and “Auf Wiedersehen” for goodbye.

Freshman Zach Shedd went from building to building greeting people as they walked by. He snapped a quick selfie and asked for signatures for proof.

“I like how we get freedom during these activities,” freshman April Tyler said. She hopes to be able to speak German fluently. Students will be doing activities like this throughout the year to test their language skills.




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