Everything wrong with the movie “IT”

| October 1, 2017

By Bralynn Sampson |

The new version of  “IT,” directed by Andres Muschietti is a remake of the 1990 series, based on the book by Stephen King. “IT” recently hit theaters Sept. 8, starring Bill Starsgard, who plays the horrific clown, Finn Wolfhard (who also stars in the series Stranger Things), Jak Dylan Grazer, and more. If  unfamiliar with the movie “IT” this new version is a interesting…one to watch.

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My criticism of the movie would be a lot of left out information, where the audience might have been confused. First the “clown” that we see in the movie is actually a shapeshifting alien; it is not from planet Earth. It can literally shift into any possible thing a person fears, and he knows what people fear. The more scared they are, the better they are to eat, and the creators did not hold back on violence in this movie.

The writers shifted their focus from adults to kids, kids being the perfect prey for accumulating terror. The kids are around extreme amounts of gore in this movie; one of the reasons why I would not recommend this movie.

The audience was left with so many unanswered questions, like “Why weren’t adults worried about the missing kids?” Either way, this movie still seemed to cause mass mania, production came out to thirty-five million. Therefore ratings had to be high, receiving four out of five stars; similar to the ratings of movies like Carrie and The Shining.

     Overall the movie’s sound effects added to the intensity that keeps you locked in and conflicted at the same time. The clown’s eyes have a specific effect throughout the movie that probably would be surprisingly luminous to the audience. But personally I would not recommend this movie to adults, children, etc. This movie will leave you blanked with answers to lingering questions, and a sick feeling left in your stomach.


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