Finding those peaceful places to study

| October 10, 2017

By Bralynn Sampson | Photo by Chris Doan |

Being a senior is stressful. Finding a quiet place to study and finish work can be difficult. So I went around Roosevelt’s campus to pick out the most relaxing comfortable spots. 

DATA stools tables and chairs

The DATA building is made for students to study and focus, and the stools are secluded with a cool window view.



At different time frames there are different populations, mornings are usually very packed in the courtyard, but wait a few minutes after school and it’s so relaxing. As well as filled with lots of beautiful scenery like flowers, trees, and sun.

The courtyard is peaceful just minutes after the bell rings. Photo by Chris Doan.


The school’s library is public, this means the hours vary more. From early in the morning to early evening the library will be open, making it one of the best study spots. The entire library is comfortable, cozy, and safe.


Blue and Red Benches in RR Second Floor

The perfect time to use this excellent study spot is any free period and/or lunch period you have, usually it’s pretty crowded in the morning, but any other time would work.


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