Seniors begin to finalize college choice

| October 19, 2017

By Lizbeth Cuellar and Ana Calderon |

Being a senior in high school can be one of the most exciting or stressful years of your schooling career. With essays, college applications, tuition coverage, scholarships, SATs, senior fees and countless visits to the career center it can become overwhelming.¬†Looking back at those four years, it’s hard to believe someone said they would have gone by with a blink of an eye. Then you find yourself asking the photographer to take your cap and gown picture more than three times because it’s the only photo that actually matters. (That’s next week, by the way!)

But how are seniors getting ready for college and their own futures ahead?

Roxana Duarte

“I’m getting prepared by making sure I have everything checked off like doing the SAT, ACT, having all essays done for Apply Texas, and also getting my transcript ready and doing scholarship essays,” senior Roxana Duarte said. Duarte wishes to pursue Business Administration and is considering of attending UTSA, Texas A&M Unversity – Corpus Christi A&M Texas A&M University – San Antonio.

Matthew Clark

Student Matthew Clark plans on majoring in petroleum engineering at Texas A&M – College Station since it is considered to be the best school in the nation with a petroleum program.

“I’m in Texas, so oil is a big thing,” Clark said. “I’ve already taken all my test and applied to A&M, UT, Rice and Trinity. A piece of advice I was given was to start applying for college and scholarships my junior year, not my senior year.”

For students who haven’t decided, NEISD college night is Nov. 1 at Blossom Athletic Center

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