Student helps with ‘Puerto Rico Rises’

| October 23, 2017

By Mayra Gallegos | Big Stick Editor |

On Wednesday, Sept. 20, Hurricane Maria had direct landfall on Puerto Rico, which left Puerto Rico  buried deep in rain. The damage is catastrophic. Homes are destroyed and the streets are flooded. Its impossible to move around without a high vehicle. Power will not be back on until December. 

Puerto Rico is with limited water, light, food and no electricity or cell service.

Aryam Maldonado holds up the Puerto Rico flag to show his support to his fellow loved ones.

Senior Aryam Maldonado has family and friends over in Añasco, Puerto Rico. Aryam’s mother has been able to get in touch with their family and friends and says that they’re doing okay, but they have to wait for the supply vans to pass by.

“It hurts that I can’t go out and help them and that all I can do is my part from this side, but at least it’s something to help them out.” Maldonado said.

Maldonado and his family have sent food, water and other necessities to the island with the help of the organization “Puerto Rico Rises,” a registered Florida Non-Profit Organization formed by a group of Puerto Ricans living in the United States of America, all volunteers.

Their intention is to collect food, water and first-needed items and then immediately distribute them neighborhood by neighborhood in Puerto Rico.

Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto, Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico has begged for help but the response time, due to geography, and what many believe is politics, is slow.

Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens and need the same help that Houston, California and Florida have all had with their natural disasters.

You can help Puerto Rico by sending supplies and necessities to the following organizations:

Puerto Rico Rises –

United For Puerto Rico –


Save The Children –

Americares –


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