Theater Hosts Social Awareness Play

| November 15, 2017

Photos and Story By Nichelle Harris | 

Seniors Kathryn Douglass, Karilyn Herrera, and sophomore Valeria Najera perform in the Social Awareness Play. Photo by Nichelle Harris

On Nov. 13, 2017 the theater arts program put on a show for the freshmen.  The main issues discussed in the play were social hierarchy, bullying, inner conflicts, and peer pressure

“House of Cards was an anti-bullying skit,” junior Maria Feibelman said. “We performed for the freshmen and also some kids at Krueger.”

In the opening act, all the students gathered around and split up into their groups. As the crews start to talk to one another, it is clear of where each one sits on the social ladder of popularity. The popular kids drank Starbucks and shared the latest gossip while the geeks sat on the ground doing homework.  

Cards were placed on every actor’s chest to show their levels of popularity; the ace cards were on the bottom of the social ladder while the face cards looked down on all who were below them. In the show junior TraShauna Collins, who has been part of the theater department for three years, plays the role of Number Nine.

One actor that received a great response from the audience was junior Ethan Hunt, who with his favorite pikachu plushie and his nonchalant attitude towards others’ opinions, had the crowd laughing. The main character everyone will be talking about is the almighty face card King; she is who all want to be and who they fear.

Soon after the bell rings it moves on to a different act, and Nine starts out strong by  revealing how she longs to hang out with her old friends once again, and how she does not really like hanging out with the face cards, but she cannot stop because she is has a reputation to maintain.

The next act takes place in the school cafeteria where social status really stands tall; the outcasts and well-liked students separated from one another. Card Seven – played by Feibelman- bravely approaches the cool kids table and ask if she could sit at the table, and all the kids were taken back, but snobby ten told seven people with acne cannot sit at their table, and just like that she walks away.

“We wanted to show that everyone has some internal issue,” Feibelman said. “That everyone is the same no matter how ‘cool’ they may be.”

The play continued with everyone confessing their true feelings about the way reputations have affected their lives, whether it dissolves friendships or forbidden love interests. Most of the face cards reveal that they want to have friends that are on lower social scales than them but fear because of the King and their reputations. In King’s solo she surprisingly reveals that she has been pretending to be someone else for so long that she forgot her true character and is confused, but she knows that the social hierarchy is wrong. In the last act it is a new day once again the students gather around but this time everyone is not in their usual groups and have joined others.

The play’s main message for the audience was that we should not be afraid to be who we are, worry about reputations, and should not let social status stand in the way of who we want to befriend. All of the freshmen got the chance to attend.

“I believe the show had a good message and will help change the views on the way they think of themselves and bullying,” freshman Jace Harris said.

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