First Real Snow Since 1985, Students Enjoy Snowball Fights

| December 8, 2017

By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor |

Senior Miguel Castro throws a snowball.

The snow is ready to melt, but the hearts of students who have never seen snow before have already melted.

“It’s been like forever,” senior Amber Lerma said. “The highlight was just it happening out of nowhere.”

A cold front combined with Pacific moisture brought the unexpected weather event last night, and gave many students their first taste of snow as they played in it last night and this morning.

What some would consider foul weather brought students, teachers and families together to frolic in their backyards.

“Coming home from work and having my family wait for me to start playing with snow and brought joy to my bad day from work,” senior Frank Madrigal said. “It really made my family come together.”

Teacher Conni Milton prepares to throw a snowball at her student.

It may be a minuscule amount of snow, but in South Texas it’s considered a full blown storm. The grassy areas of the courtyard and football field held a lot of snow, and students had the rare chance to have snowball fights and make snow angels and snowmen.

“I think today’s snow day is just reminding people that you all have a shared experience,” History teacher Conni Milton said. “I know for me it was really important to take my kids out to play, because they’re all so different and they all have different families and different troubles, and for 30 minutes they can put that aside.”

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