Fast food will slowly deplete your life

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Whataburger is a student favorite, but the fried food there contains many more grams of fat and carbs than homemade alternatives. Photo by frankieleon on / CC BY

How often do you eat out every month? That number tends to be higher than it should be however, since a huge percentage of people are constantly eating out; they tend to miss out on what could potentially be a great home-cooked meal. Not to say that you should not eat out but there are tons more healthier options. The constant fast food creates a sluggish state, converting everyday tasks as a student athlete into very difficult tasks. Sometimes it is best to just have mom or dad make you some of your favorite food, whether that be meatloaf, tacos, or lasagna rolls. Food that can all be made in the comfort of your own home, but is far better for your body and mind.

Also consider your intake of water; the sugar filled drinks don’t compare to what water can do for your body. Not only flushing your system but allowing your body to grow properly.

It can all be tough to break these bad habits, nevertheless it can produce far better results in your play, and/or in the classroom. To always expect great things from a machine you throw horrible fuel in, is a mistake a lot of high school students/athletes make. Time and time again you will hear older folks talking about how they wished they would have stayed away from those sugary drinks, and all the fast food displaying that you will definitely damage your body in the long run if you do not change those habits in order to put your body in a better position. After time and time of neglect to your body’s health it will eventually start to give and show that you did nothing to benefit your health. So why not put down the soda and eat a nice home-cooked meal with a nice cold glass of water, possibly with a lemon squeezed inside; to help the digestion system?

Some places such as the Bill Miller’s across the street are no good, although the taste may be satisfying to the tastebuds of a decent percentage of the student body; it is unhealthy for one to continue to put such things in our bodies. Your body is a machine, and you must place your body into the best position to produce the best outcomes… this is not by feeding yourself fatty fast food. Nevertheless, the popular idea that a 3-piece chicken strips from Whataburger is “healthier” for you; it does not contain good protein due to being manufactured, breaded, and fried. With a total fat of  27g, calorie count of 680, and a grand mass of 74g of carbs. Compare that to a 5-count of homemade, baked, chicken strips with 190 calories, fat count of 5g, & the most shocking comparison: 7g of carbs.

According to”Junk food doesn’t contain the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.” As a result, you may feel chronically fatigued and lack the energy you need to complete daily tasks. The high levels of sugar in junk food puts your metabolism under stress”

Not only can the food produce diabetes, but can also lead to liver and

heart problems. Lacking in protein and complex carbohydrates, two things your body needs to maintain blood pressure; which will drop very soon after eating such foods. So next time, think twice before making that oh so quick stop by your favorite fast food joint.

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