Same Pod Different Peas

By Nicholas Norris |

Twins, such as Gabby & Izzy Cantu are unique, other than the obvious, that they are identical. These two sisters are very different. Besides being 100 percent vegan, they are actually complete opposites. Both of them have a very eye-catching sense of fashion, although Gabby is more on the quiet side. Nevertheless they do not care what others say and are definitely not afraid to express themselves. Even with it being their first year in high school, they are integrating into the student body, although it is very different from their previous middle school of Krueger Middle School.

Gabby and Izzy Cantu. Photo by Nicholas Norris

Despite standing at a whopping 4’10”, these girls have big ambitions, striving to grow in the classroom as well as the court; the tennis court that is.

“The varsity team has made it an easy transition into the program,” Izzy said.

First playing in the seventh grade, they are now getting the chance to practice alongside the varsity team, which has welcomed the girls in with open arms. The twins have a great support system in place from the teachers here to their own parents, who always push them to do their best, and always shoot for the stars. They are constantly driven by their family to excel in the DATA Program here on campus.

“Those two are strong together, and very hard to separate, and I wouldn’t say that is an issue,” tennis coach Mike Silva, head tennis coach, said.

Also the twins parents have gone above and beyond for the tennis team, supplying drinks and snacks for match day. They make sure everyone is prepared and ready to compete against other high schools.