Students join thousands at MLK march

| January 20, 2018

By Desiree Flores |

Students from Roosevelt joined thousands from across the city in gathering for the MLK March Monday.

Senior Lauren Baker (right) with her family at the MLK march Monday. Baker says she marches every year.

“The MLK march was very fun and eye-opening because I am older and able to understand why people march,” senior Lauren Baker said. “I attend the MLK March every year. When I was a baby, my parents marched with me in a stroller, and now that I am older it is something that I am obligated to do with or without my parents. It is a very eye opening experience that I advise everyone to partake in.”

During the march, many organizations, people, and food come together as ONE and began the walk, encountering speakers and musicians and demonstrations along the way. The San Antonio march is usually one of the largest of the United States.

“[I liked] watching the different people perform and come together,” freshman Kiana Gasque said.

Many go as their tradition every year, many see it as their culture, and others see it the support as a huge family and a way to support the ongoing dream that Dr. Martin Luther King described.

“I had fun supporting my culture,” Ed’dric “Latrell” Sullivan said.

Aalijah Lewis and Jada Fanner contributed to this report. 


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