For beautiful travel, consider the Big Easy

Story and Photos by Nicholas Norris |

New Orleans, Louisiana. Some call it “The Boot,” but it is everything but the bottom of a cowboy’s wardrobe; it’s a new breath of fresh air versus life here in San Antonio, Texas.

Of course not knocking the homeland known as “210,” but instead shining the light on the differences between the two cities who both celebrated their tricentennial this year. It’s not just the food made in family-owned restaurants scattered around the moist-aired land. It’s the common friendliness that is stumbled upon in every square foot of the land, often by a simple “Hi how are you?” And, of course,  you could fill books with the French culture that is deeply embedded in the blood that runs through the “Big Easy.”

 Lights on Christmas Eve.

One main solid choice of the food over there is the iconic “Po boy” which is, in essence, a sandwich made for the working man way back when in New Orleans’ rich history. It made the cold heavy air soft as the Fried Shrimp smoked into the air with the strong aroma of fresh french bread. Men with little to no lunch money would go by restaurants where they would only be offered at the most a piece of french bread dressed with whatever the chef could spare for a low price from that night’s dinner course. From a roast beef, fried shrimp, to a spicy sausage po boy, it’s only scraping the surface of what is poetically one of the more popular items on the menus in the Big Easy. Kenner is also the soul and one of the main attractions for some visitors and housing a ton of family-owned and run diners and restaurants.A popular park by Lake Charles.

But enough about the food, it’s more about the experience of being around those who call it home. Those who wear Saints, LSU, and Tulane University memorabilia. The folks over there are more than just proud of their homeland, they also encourage others to also come partake in the festive everyday happenings. While it’s not just about the parties, at night the city comes alive. It all depends on which part of The Big Easy you decide is in your planner, but you will almost always be pleased.

Realistically it is very expensive to live there, not just for housing, but even for the simple things such as a loaf of Bunny Bread, which costs $5 at Winn Dixie. And the city of New Orleans is going crazy with their NFL team making a run into the playoffs, entering with an 11-5 record this year before falling short to Minnesota Vikings.

If you are looking for a wonderful time in a yummy food-filled place, New Orleans is the place for you. But don’t forget your wallet; you’ll definitely need that.