Events in past year call for change

| February 8, 2018

By Hailey Massey  |

2017 was the year of hate, anger and disagreement. Now, with the arrival of 2018, it’s time to exchange that attitude with a positive outlook on life and improve yourself to be the best version of you. There are multiple ways to develop your inner attitude and with time you can embrace that side of you and get rid of the negativity.

Letting go of anger is one way you can make your life better in 2018. Photo by duncan on / CC BY-NC

With the polarized presidential election, the white nationalist rallies, the Las Vegas strip shooting and many other things that reflect badly on America, there is simply no longer any room for negative people. 2017 should have shown people this, yet there are still individuals that can’t comprehend how horrible the events in the past year were. Those individuals that cannot comprehend these events need to reflect on how they acted in the past year strive for one thing- being a better person.

Hate crimes were on the rise in 2017. According to VOAnews, this particular type of crime raised 20 percent in major cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. And when looking at the percentages nationwide, there was an overall increase by two percent. In comparison to 2016, the amount of hate crime, which was already high, jumped rapidly in 2017 and with the way it is still going, it won’t be surprising that the percentage increases even more.

Disregarding the political reasons to be a better person, you’ll find a great number of reasons to gain your humanity back. According to John Rampton’s article, “15 ways to be a better person,” there are 15 ways to improve your overall mood and the way you perceive general daily life. Things such as letting go of anger, being honest, listening to others, and thinking of yourself and others equally can ensure an improvement in the way you act and the way people perceive your attitude.

Once you personally reflect on your attitude and what needs to change you then can take a look at your surroundings and identify toxic people in your life. In Leon Logothetis’ article “Keeping Good Company: Why You should Surround Yourself With Good People” he states that good people aren’t perfect people but, they’re better than negative people. Even so, the way we categorize individuals is simply by the way we consider good or bad which may lead to problems when trying to drop toxicity.

While taking the past year into consideration one thing is clear, the need for better people in the world is urgent. It doesn’t take much to change your outlook on life, but it does take immense dedication and concentration to commit to a changed format. Even so, once you find a smooth way to transition your mood from negative to positive you’ll finally have a better outlook on life.

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