Student’s artwork to again be auctioned for scholarships

| February 11, 2018

By AJ Ballard |

Senior Tammy Nyugen

The Western Art Competition is a contest hosted by the San Antonio Rodeo. Hundreds of students create artwork to be auctioned off to the public, and the artists get their money in the form of scholarships and grants.

“The top 25 pieces actually go to auction,” art teacher Susan Ferris said. “The top 15 are live auction, and the next 10 are silent auction.”

One Roosevelt student, Tammy Nguyen, participated last year and her artwork was a part of the top 15 art pieces. Last year she earned over $9000 for her art which she will receive in the form of scholarships. Her work is again being auctioned this year.

“[This year] I really wanted to make my piece more powerful. I didn’t want to make it a common and cheesy thing, like a Western,” Nyugen said. “Last year I did a donkey and a goat, and it was cute but it wasn’t impactful enough. [This time] I chose a horse, a metal horse. It’s a champion kind of thing, which is the mood I wanted to convey to my audience.”

Every artist has inspiration and most have had a mentor or at least someone who pushed them to be their most creative self.

“I was really encouraged by my middle school art teacher to enter this contest, and of course I lost the first time. She’s the one who inspired me to keep pushing forward and she’s the reason why I keep continuing to work on my art,” Nguyen said. “She really opened my eyes to a lot of different opportunities.”

Ten other Roosevelt art students also received recognition from the program.

Juniors Kaliyah Rogers and Michelle Vo received second place ribbons.


Sophomores Elisa Polo and Arlette Rocha, juniors Shylyn Bourland, Stephanie Owen, Anthony Rios and Janell Valenzuela, and senior Destinee Sandoval received third place ribbons.

Nguyen’s artwork is currently being auctioned, and she will find out the value of her scholarship at the conclusion of the stock show and rodeo.


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