Students Don’t Like Snapchat Update; they’ll get over it

Co Editor In-Chief Mayra Gallegos’ updated snapchat chats/stories.

By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor

Snapchat recently put out a software update, and the general opinion is that it’s too crowded, and it doesn’t make much sense.

“I don’t really like it,” junior Devon Christian said. “It’s a little weird.”

The update moves stories over to the left side of the app and merges them with the chats feature, which to most students makes the app seem clunky and crowded.

“Yeah, it’s too crowded,” Christian said.

Senior Gabrielle Prigmore would rather just move on than complain about the update.

“With every update, of your iPhone, of every app people get super frustrated and hate it for like two weeks,” Prigmore said, “Then they get over it, so I’m of the opinion you should just be ok with it from the beginning, it’ll make your life easier so I don’t hate it.”

However, the update does have its pros.

“I quite like the feature that when somebody posts a story they go higher on the list, so that I can keep up with the most recent action my friends have taken,” Prigmore said.


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