Special Olympics basketball gets started

By Nicholas Norris | Photo by Mi Noe |

The Special Olympics basketball season is well underway.

The coaches are checking in with the players on the bench during the 2nd quarter of their first scrimmage. Photo by Mi Noe

“I’m excited and ready for the great things to come this season,” said Head Coach Adam Rodriguez.

The energy and pure happiness you can see each player wearing on their sleeves is something we should all strive for, they all understand it is a team sport and need to use each other in order to get the full experience of basketball.

Their coach has nothing but praise about his players, nothing like an emphatic high five as you come off the court or even a couple whistles to get them fired up and ready for more.

As the players are on court you can see any stress and worry slip away as they soon are a part of the system that is TR basketball.¬† They are all going head first into their next game looking toward a victory and they have nothing but the school’s unmeasured support.

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