Students in flurry of Spring Break activity

By Desiree Flores and Nichelle Harris |

After two long months, spring break is just around the corner. This vacation is an opportunity for all students and teachers to kick back and relax. Many students either travel out of town or stay home and become a lazy couch potatoes. With a total of 82 schools in the district, thousands of students and teachers are planning trips and activities.

According to,  last year 250,000 teens were present down at South Padre beach. Others plan trips with families.

“Spring break for me is a huge get away, that both me and my family are able to have off from both school and work, spending much time together as we can,” says Mariah Del Fierro.


Junior Chloe Pargas decided that she would donate some of her time to make the community more beautiful, “ I will be painting a mural with Zeke Pena.”

Another student who is planning to make the most of this vacation is Nasya Snelling, who is on a shopping mission.

“ My family and and I are travelling to Austin to go shopping and I can’t wait to get my new Balenciagas,” Snelling said.

Other students who play baseball, softball and track will be continuing their daily practice.

“Spring break will begin for me, as of the Saturday we get off school,” senior Mariah Neri said. “I will get to sleep in and spend more time with my friends and family, and catch up on softball.”