North London based singer needs more attention

| March 17, 2018

By Hailey Massey |

Soundcloud-based singer Bruno Major has been known for releasing one song a month and attracting over 9,000 followers with his melodic indie-pop sound. However, even with his rising popularity, Major doesn’t receive the amount of support that his work deserves- and that needs to change.

In 2016, Major strategically released a song each month in preparation for his first full-length album, A Song for Every Moon. One might say that this process is unorganized and odd, but according to how fast he grew upon releasing singles such as “Home,” “Cold Blood,” and “Like Someone in Love,” that tells differently.

Bruno Major gets the majority of his listeners through electronic media including Soundcloud. Courtesy Bruno Major Facebook

If Major’s unique concepts don’t excite you enough, perhaps the way he manipulates words will. Every song that he releases is crafted in a way that connects to his listeners.

Don’t you remember the promise we made, as our shadows grew long in the field where we lay. That you’d always be you, and I’d always be me, as the sun fell asleep and so did we,” Major wrote in his song “Fair-Weather Friend.”

Ultimately, Bruno Major is an artist you should look into simply based off of his ability to strategize his releases while creating a wider fanbase, the way his voice deliverers his carefully written lyrics and the overall messages in his work.

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