Jason Reynolds Tells Childhood Stories, Gives Writing Advice

| April 18, 2018

By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor |

Jason Reynolds is an author that has written nine books, including Long Way Down, Miles Morales Spider Man, and Sunny, a book in a four book series. He came to give student writers some advice and inspiration in his question and answer session April 6 during sixth period in the auditorium.

Reynolds gets his writing ideas from his own experiences, and gives the characters their own names.

Rackspace paid for Reynolds to come here and to Ed White Middle School.

After lunch and a Q&A in the multi purpose room, Reynolds proceeded to the auditorium to give a talk to more of the school.

“He just has a way with talking to people,” sophomore Tiarnan Howe said, “That makes you feel like you like reading even if you don’t.”

Reynolds has a unique way of writing, in realistic “non-proper English.”

“I choose to speak in the language that I’m most familiar with. Though I do know how to speak quote-on-quote standard proper English, I feel like you all should know at the end of the day that who you are, where you come from and what you got going on does not have to be the thing that stops you doing whatever you wanna do.”

Reynolds puts an emphasis on telling stories that actually happen.

“My favorite part about coming to schools and talking about books, is the initial reaction when people realize I’m not gonna come and give a regular speech,” Reynolds said. “It’s hilarious, I walk in the door and there’s always that moment of like ‘I think that’s him.’ I like for you all to know that I’m a regular person.”


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