Two days until prom; enjoy what the prom committee set up

By Nicholas Norris |

One of the most anticipated times of the year is upon us and the prom committee has been working hard to not only pick where prom will be held but doing all the heavy lifting behind the scenes to make it all possible. The prom committee also has an Instagram account you can follow and stay updated with! @trhs_prom_squad. Here you can see all the progress that has been done heading into the last couple days before prom, Not only is it important to get fitted for dresses and tuxes but to remember to wear something appropriate. Although the early bird special is done with now you can still get in!

The prom committee has been making decorations for Great Gatsby for months. Photo by Nick Norris

The theme this year is Great Gatsby, one that is interesting nonetheless, so why not clear your calendar for Saturday April 28! It is sure to be well worth it in the end, you create memories and open a new chapter in your life no matter the year of school you are in. Some may go with friends, others with dates and everyone’s experience will be different and unique but the team behind this have put a lot into it all so it would be a shame to have you miss out! All of the work Mrs. Davidson and the group have put in will be obvious to the student body as soon as they realize the magnitude of the event at hand!

Our prom is later than a number of schools in the district which can make it a little difficult when it comes to getting fitted and what not. Although it is now too late to get fitted you should have either bought a ticket or made arrangements. Within the next 48 hours, prom will commence!  The rental place is running out of tux options due to the abundance of proms around this time of year! Everyone should have all they need to have a fun memorable night for everyone who attends.

Prom is the time of year where you pay tons of money for one night, a night that will last forever for some rather you are a junior or a senior. That does not mean you should shy away from making the payments necessary, the quicker you act on it the quicker it’ll be done. Plus the longer you wait, the less of a chance you have of getting the perfect night you once wished for! From everyone on the TR prom committee, hope to see you there!