Seniors contemplate on ten years from now

By Desiree Flores | Assignments Editor |

Many students consider travel after graduation, to faraway places like France. Photo by foter. CC | BY

Now as graduation looms and the year starts to flow down to the final end, we need to get an inside look on how students can be able to picture their lives in about ten years. So many things can possible change over time.

Many students will be working.

“As of right now I’m working at a small family-owned restaurant but I do plan on maybe being in a high position somewhere else. This is all temporary,” Christopher Montoya said.

Others dream of owning their own business.

“I’m not too sure in what type of business I would like to run, just something where I can make my own type of rules,” Juan Chavez said.

Others are thinking toward starting their own families.

“Starting a family is going to come for me in my mid-twenties, nothing too major while I am starting to start my future again to a new pathway,” Alexis Francis said.

For others, travel is the big goal.

“In years from now I can truly see my self working, saving money and traveling everywhere around the world, where I couldn’t be,” Senior Mariah Del Fierro says, “I travel here and there with family, but I would love to do it as my own time and stay longer!”.

Like others, they see themselves settled down and beginning a family and working their dream job and becoming famous somehow someway.

“My biggest dream is to play in the MLB, having a wife, and living in a big house,” senior Michael Lindo says. “I hope to achieve my dreams in ten years, if it takes more, I wouldn’t mind waiting.”

Whatever the goal, it’s all set to begin on June 11, 2018 when this class walks the

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