Arctic Monkeys Release New Album

By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor |

The Arctic Monkeys, after a six year break, return with a phenomenal album, Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino, and Alex Turner seems to have ditched his quick witted and quickly rattled off lyrics from when the band first started, in exchange for something closer to what we’ve heard on their previous album AM, suave and smooth vocals.

However, TBHC has many things that AM did not, firstly and most boldly, piano. The band has left behind those great big guitar riffs and easy to sing along to choruses, so the album is noticeably less peppy, and catchy, but for some, that’s a nice change to modern pop era music.

The piano ballads came from Turner’s 30th birthday gift, a Steinway Vertegrand piano, which he puts to good use. However, the album is certainly weird when you compare it to what else the band has given us, but it’s still good.

I’d personally give it four stars out of five with my favorite song being Batphone, however the whole album has an an eclectic feel, that I really enjoy, it’s something you can lounge to, listen to by the pool.