College ROTC gives pathway for military-bound students

College ROTC representatives give a presentation to JROTC students.

By Hailey Massey | Assistant Editor |

On Tuesday Sept. 18, 2nd Lieutenant Alberto Perez, an ROTC representative from St. Mary’s University, visited the Rough Rider Battalion to talk to cadets about life after high school and if that future involved the military, potentially taking college ROTC.

Within the presentation, he talked about the activities that the cadets would be able to participate in such as Rangers, which involves a lot of physical activities and would push your boundaries, and underwater combat, which teaches cadets how to survive in the ocean. There were a lot of extracurricular activities that students could take with ROTC to give them experiences for a future career as a military officer.

“ I want to commission into the U.S. army and having the ROTC recruiter there helped me figure out how I could really go about that,” said junior Jukari Bolden.

Perez recalled some of his experiences and stories from being a part of an aerial assault team, traveling and doing day to day things that go with being in the military. Through his stories, he urged cadets to take the opportunity of taking college ROTC because it not only furthers your growth but it also secures a future to build off of after you retire.

“I enjoyed having him come,” explained senior Javier Garza,“it made me think about my future and what I want to do career-wise after high school.”

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