New York School of Visual Arts Visits art department to showcase programs

By Angelina McMinn | Staff Writer |

School of Visual Arts from New York visited Roosevelt Monday Sept. 24. They had a powerpoint presentation about all of their majors and classes available. They have 12 undergraduate majors including advertising, cartooning, design, film, and many more.

Representatives from the School of Visual Arts New York talk to students about the opportunities in art school. Courtesy Photo

This college is located in New York City. They have an acceptance rate of 75 percent. There are several requirements in the application depending on the major. For all majors except film and photography and video, the portfolio requires 3-5 observation pieces and the rest of whatever the applicant likes. Film requires either a two-part film essay, or a film-reel. Photography and video requires 10 to 20 photos or videos, with five of those photographs.

Many well known artists have come from this school, including Rebecca Sugar and Michael Giacchino. The school has a graduation rate of 66 percent.

“It made me imagine life in New York at school,” junior Kelly Nichols said.

The school representatives showed a slideshow with information on all the majors. Since the school is a visual arts school, they don’t offer regular classes like calculus and chemistry; they only offer art based classes.

“I thought the speakers presented themselves very uniquely and illustrates how diverse the art community is,” senior Bethany Gonzales said.

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