Performances, food shine at National Night Out

By Natalie Chairez | Contributing Writer |

Patriots perform at National Night Out. Photo by Natalie Chairez

About 2500 people came to National Night Out Oct. 2,  from 6-8 p.m. in the Roosevelt High School courtyard.

National Night Out has been around on campus for about eight years and Family Specialist Francisco Martinez has been given the responsibility to take over National Night Out here at Roosevelt High School for about four years.

Roosevelt’s culinary students made sausage wraps, fruit cups, and gave out water; everything was free for the community event.

”Without the culinary teacher, Ms. Coleman, along with her students, National Night Out would not be possible,” Martinez said.

National Night Out was made for the community to become involved and to meet new people.

Martinez said that there is a list of groups that are invited and they can RSVP to show up and he said about 70 different booths come every National Night Out.

“[My favorite part was] seeing our students perform such as dance, ROTC, and cheer because I love showing the community what Roosevelt is capable of, and also I love seeing all of the kids having fun and being able to get everyone together,” Martinez said.

Riderettes perform as Master Sergeant Johnson takes video of the group. Photo by Natalie Chairez

 All of the elementary and middle schools in our cluster had fliers to give to all of the kids so that they can be involved in our school event and just enjoy all of the food, music, activities, games and of course the performances.

“It was good because I got to see my friends and also being able to participate in a school activity was fun,” sophomore dancer Angelina Longoria said.

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