Twenty One Pilots Off Hiatus

By Angelina McMinn | Staff Writer |

Twenty-One Pilots have released four new songs in 2018, the first original songs since a two-year hiatus.

The new album, Trench is available for stream and download now. Fans have the songs Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, Levitate, and My Blood to satisfy their musical craving for now. The band leaked several of these songs late this year.

Trench is now available.

These four songs are very similar to their older music. They are more upbeat and rock. Jumpsuit, Nico and the Niners, and My Blood all have music videos. The videos take on a new appearance for the band. They have a darker, yet inspirational theme to them. The music videos are enjoyable to watch and tell parts of a story.

Twenty-One Pilots consists of the due Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph. They are from Columbus Ohio, and the band was formed in 2009. Their first album, titled Twenty One Pilots was released Dec. 29, 2009. They have released several more albums since.

This band is considered several different genres including alternative hip-hop, pop rock, alternative rock, and indie pop. Some of their music airs on pop radio stations. In 2016 they wrote their song Heathens for the movie Suicide Squad.

So far the songs out for this album have been incredible. Those four songs out have great beats and even better lyrics. Twenty-One Pilots are a great band, and worth the time to listen to.