Architecture Club launches at TR

By Zakary Rodriguez | Contributing Writer |

Architecture club is one of the newest clubs to appear at Roosevelt High School. It was started by Club president Faith Feliciano and vice president Paola Leal with the help of sponsor architecture teacher Katy Philbrick. Philbrick has been teaching architecture for the past 11 years.

“I came up with the idea probably about two years ago,” Philbrick said. “It was hard to get the students involved because everyone’s schedule was so busy, so it really took the student lead to get it going.”

Members of architecture club at the October meeting.

It was Feliciano and Leal that started to take the lead. Their hard work and dedication to starting an architecture club helped to finally turn Philbrick’s idea into reality.

“We started the club to do physical projects that we could not have the ability to do in class like the barkitecture and be an outlet to students creative sides,” Feliciano said. “Hopefully the club continues to expand and we have more people involved.”

The first meeting for the club was held on Sept. 26 in which 11 students attended. At the meeting they went over the calendar for the upcoming months which included events like “Barkitecture,” where local architecture students make dogs houses in order to support local pet rescue and adoption non-profit organizations, different seasonal activities for holidays, and more.

“I believe the first meeting went quite well, and it was a good foundation to the beginning of the club,” member Elisa Polo said. “I plan on staying in architecture club and I look forward to being a part of it.”

The club meets every other Wednesday in E208, and have been planning more events.

They hope  hosting different craft-centered events at both B and C lunches, a gingerbread house competition this December, and more events that will be determined by voting at upcoming meetings. 


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