Riders to fight for last playoff seed

By Devan Clayton | Contributing Writer |

The Rough Riders haven’t been to the playoffs in six years and now they’re fighting hard to grapple the playoff slot over Churchill. Over the years the Rough Riders have improved and have studied their game more deeply. Tonight, Churchill and Roosevelt will go to battle at Heroes Stadium and will prove why they deserve to become champions.

The Riders are about to enter the game they’ve prepared for since last Spring, to fight for a chance at playoffs. Photo by Tatiana Venegas.

“This year, we’ve all matured and we’ve started working better and we’ve wanted to improve our defensive game,” senior Nose Guard Garret Lockamy said.

Both teams have a record of (3-3) in the regular season. The winning team will have the final record of (4-3) to finalize their regular season and move on to the playoffs to face their next opponent.

“I believe we as a defensive staff do a pretty job of rotating many kids into the game which helps keep kids fresh,” Coach Matthew Carroll said.

One of the biggest threats against Roosevelt and Churchill in the district has been Madison with a incredible record of (6-0). Other teams in the district who have outstanding records are, Johnson (5-1) and Reagan (5-1) who are also looking forward to the playoffs.

“We know where we wanted to be at this year and we had the ability to do that and because of that we put in the hard work,” senior Quarterback Carlos Garibay said.

The winner of the game tonight will be the district’s No.2 seed in the 6A Division II playoffs.