STEAM Carnival Brings 8000 Visitors

By Austin Cohea | Big Stick Editor |

STEAM Carnival was a night of electronic drum playing, DJing, pianos, canvas painting and so much more.

Students had the options of throwing pies at various teacher’s faces, trying their hand at the drums or the piano, drawing on a chalk wall, putting a puzzle together, getting a glittery shot taken of them, or participating in a cosplay contest.

“I was enjoying the STEAM Carnival,” junior Vanessa Herrera said, “everybody there was friendly, showing o their project or attraction.”

Seniors Marcus Pineda and Devon Clayton DJed the event at a table by Rough Rider building.

The event was the third annual and DATA director Christina Allen looks to have even more schools have exhibits in the future.

“It was fabulous,” Allen said. “We didn’t have quite as many exhibits as we’ve had in the past, but the exhibits we had were of very high quality. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback.”

The Cosplay Club served food at their “Maid Cafe” and had a Cosplay contest.

There were also interactive art pieces that allowed visitors to create lasting displays together.

An estimated 8,000 visitors attended the event this year, held from 6:30 to 9 p.m. on Nov. 30. A total of 64 booths were present, including Roosevelt groups, feed- er schools and other community members.

“People had to come together and fight adversity, with people competing over who’s doing what, but in the end we all came together and produced a good event,” senior Megan Burciaga said.

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