New World Geography teacher is influenced by past travels

Christopher Caesar stands in his classroom. Photo by Zacchaeus Anderson

By Zacchaeus Anderson | Staff Writer |

He’s a tall man that wears a button up shirt and khakis along with a pair of leather oxford dress shoes. His classroom is really open with South American sculptors and paintings on the wall.

This teacher is Christopher Caesar and he teaches world geography at Roosevelt high school.

“I teach world geography because with every landform there’s a backstory that comes with it,” Caesar said. “The main reason behind that is he was a military kid that traveled around the world and has seen a lot of different land forms.”

“He is a good teacher that finds ways to get the information to us if we need it,” freshman Caleb Molina said.

But this is not his first Rodeo. In 2006, Caesar taught at another high school in Killeen, Texas and now he resides near Roosevelt high school.

“He’s a good teacher and I think he can get me more information on World Geography because he dissects the subject that we are learning,” freshman Cameron Castillo said.


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