Incoming freshmen get acquainted with campus at Teddy Tours

By Nichelle Harris | Assignments Editor |

On Jan. 16 the Roosevelt family welcomed the incoming class of Freshmen from three different middle schools – Ed White, Kruger, and Wood- with their yearly Teddy Tours. Before the tours started, the first group attended an assembly inside the auditorium where Principal Bryan Norwood gave the eighth graders a general rundown of freshman year. After Norwood’s speech, the Roosevelt ninth grade assistant principals spoke, followed by performances and introduction of some of the programs the school had to offer.

After the assembly ended, the middle school classes split up into their tour groups to explore the high school campus. Senior DATA student Sandy Zepeda was one of the many students who volunteered to show the students around.

“Being able to participate in this event is an honor because it shows that you really care for the Roosevelt Family and I’m glad to show the next class the school,” Zepeda said.

As the students began touring around, there seemed to be a question everyone had in mind: where was the athletic hall located.

“Besides looking forward to a new school I’m also excited for the many different sports offered at the school.” explained Krueger eighth grader Megan Smith.

After touring the RR building the students made their way over to the DATA section of the E building, most incoming freshmen were interested in what the DATA magnet program had to offer.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about this program and seeing now has peaked my interest in joining the program next year,” said Joseph Williams.