PAX South brings gaming, cosplay, trivia together to create fun

By Angelina McMinn | Staff Writer |

Small band plays Super Smash Bros. theme song.


PAX South is a gaming convention that took place in San Antonio at Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Jan. 18-20. PAX South is one of the largest gaming conventions, and is held yearly in San Antonio.

The tickets were cheap for a convention; the three day pass was $80, while the single day passes were $40. There was so much to do at this convention. They had table top indie games, photo booths, virtual reality games, and so much more available.

There were many booths selling merchandise, since it was a convention most things were very overpriced and not worth the money, but the experience of being there, and all the things, like the games which were free to play made it worth it.

PAX South created a fun environment and place for anyone into gaming to come together and truly enjoy and appreciate the games and bond over the mutual interest of gaming.

Like most conventions there were many cosplayers. Most cosplayers allow pictures to be taken with them, which just adds to the experience. Some people even stay in character to make things more entertaining for others there.

This event was really fun, and anyone who is really into gaming should make plans to attend next year’s PAX South convention. The experience is definitely worth the price for anyone who is interested in gaming.