The Super Bowl Halftime show flopped; here’s why:

By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer |

The super bowl halftime show was uneventful and underwhelming, plain and simple. On their accelerating decline of stardom, rock-pop band Maroon 5 failed to excite or bring a long lasting impression. It didn’t have the wow factor a big performance at the Super bowl would usually entail and at this point is expected. Adam Levine singing the same songs from 2000s that are repetitive and lackluster in front of his band was a total eye sore. After five minutes, I expected to possibly see Travis Scott or Big Boi (who I had previously never heard of ) pick up the weight. Surely I was wrong.

Next came an unexpected cameo from the one and only Spongebob Squarepants. This resulted in more confusion and disappointment with this whole performance. Did Travis Scott really think this was the way to go? Weird flex but okay. Then came his actual performance of Astroworld hit Sicko Mode which like Maroon 5’s Harder to breathe and This Love, failed to appease.

After came Mr. Big Boi, half of the hiphop duo Outkast, performing Outkast’s hit The Way You Move. The song just didn’t hit right without the complete group and Adam Levine trying to become the substitute member just didn’t sit well with me. Adam, please stay out of a song that isn’t yours. It turned into a rendition made for a dance at a senior citizens hall.

On a lighter note, I would like to applaud the gospel choir singer who sang behind Adam Levine during song Girls Like You for being the real performance. I agree with the general populous when I say she should have headlined the show.