Billie Eilish brings new style into 2019

By Angelina McMinn | Staff Writer |

Billie Eilish released her new song Bury a Friend this week along with a music video. This song is slightly different from her other music, it has a creepy, horror vibe to it. Most of her previous songs are on the sadder and heartbroken side of the music industry. The horror aspect of the song brings a new light, and appeal to her style. Bury a Friend is her first song of 2019, but she has an album she plans on releasing later this year. She’s constantly putting out new music and teasers for videos and her ideas.

The video is dark and creepy and set similar to a horror film. The song is intense and captivating, and just different then other artists. Billie Eilish is an amazing artist, at only 17 she has 16 official songs out and several music videos to go along with them. She brings a different tone to each of her songs and makes her music easily relatable to most teens.

She has a mesmerizing voice that sounds amazing. She has made a name for herself in the music industry. She’s collabbed with other famous artist like Khalid on her song Lovely. She’s fun and energetic, and just real. Unlike many other artists she doesn’t act full of herself, which makes her music even better to listen to.

All of her music is worth listening to, she makes her music intense and her videos fun and very entertaining to watch. All of her songs are amazing to listen to. It would be easy to spend all day listening to her. All of her videos are available on Youtube.