Get lost in the IKEA religion

Photo Credit: IKEA

By Austin Cohea | Big Stick Editor

IKEA was truly a religious experience.

Getting lost in the maze of uncomfortable couches and ugly people, and saying excuse me every five seconds is about as accurate as it gets.

I appreciated the employees’ willingness to answer questions, like, “Where am I, what is going on, what is this place?” with answers like “You are in the motherland, welcome.”

From the second you enter until you leave the store, IKEA has an air of popularity, but you can really tell from the sheer amount of workers in the parking lot, improperly and modestly marshaling drivers down aisles only for them to spend 10 minutes finding a parking spot half a mile from the entrance.

Photo Credit: IKEA

The one-fingered coffee cups are just cream of the crop though, if you go for one reason, go for the one fingered coffee cups, and maybe the cool expanding lights.

Go to IKEA. See the motherland. Go so that even if you’re disappointed, you can say that you’ve been.